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Russell –

Victim Location 73160

Type of a scam Phishing

I don’t know – yet – if this is a scam, but I am really nervous after looking up a different type of scam. First I missed a call, but since I didn’t recognize it, I probably wouldn’t have answered. When they called again, I thought it might be one of my children’s teachers (they have a few that moved here to teach and still have out of state phone numbers). No message was left, so I didn’t think about it. When they called back, I answered (again, thinking it might be a teacher), but it was a man asking me if I have a vehicle for sale. I do, so of course I said yes.

He asks about the vehicle, but all the information should have been known if he had read any of the ads I have out, but I answered his questions anyway. What seemed odd, is he offered to pay $1000 down, then pay monthly and take care of all the maintenance as if he owned it outright, until he receives some money he is expecting around April or May.

When I asked why he doesn’t just get a loan and pay it off when he gets his money, he gives me a story about not having any more available credit and having to pay $10000 of his wife’s medical bills from a recent surgery.

I did not commit, because that sounds too risky. He thinks I am going to talk to my husband about the "offer" and call him back tomorrow – I don’t think that is going to happen.

Since this just happened half an hour ago, I cannot say that I have lost any money at this time. I can only hope that fact remains the same.



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