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Cory – Sep 22, 2020

[email protected]

He just tried to scam me just now. Felt a bit off… then I found this. Nearly got me too, the little toe-rag!

Alana – Aug 08, 2020

I received a message on gumtree regarding a futon I’m selling he asked for my PayPal & said he would arrange for collection, next thing I know I get an email to the account linked with my PayPal, I found it quite dodgy from the start, he hasn’t asked for anything yet just a location for the man with a van but told him a near by landmark; he asked me to remove the listing i said once I received payment & I’ve not heard back but I have just googled the email address as felt something was off & came across this thread

Amy – Jul 07, 2020

He scammed me too with a bicycle that I was selling on gumtree. Some scree shot are attached below

Cory – Jul 06, 2020

Same thing. I was selling a bike, “Joseph” responded on Gumtree, isolating due to covid19, happy with the description of the item, would pay the full amount and would arrange a van to collect. Said they were in Aberdeen (I doubt it). Same e-mail address as others [email protected]

Seemed to good to be true, so I googled the email and found this page.

Andrea – Jul 04, 2020

Exactly the same happened to me! His email was [email protected] and he wanted amazon vouchers and was really dodgy

Kelly – Jun 26, 2020

Exactly the same problem as I had.

Got a few genuine messages on Gumtree from a Joseph, asking about condition and saying he was homebound due to covid and asked if he could get someone to deliver. He could pay immediately through paypal, and didn’t need to see the item first, trusted the condition stated.

I gave him my mobile for the delivery man to call me once he was close as our home address is hard to get to, and my email for paypal and then he started emailing me saying his name is Joseph Schneider, saying the delivery guy needed £105 in Amazon vouchers, and he would give me £20 for my time and fuel. I then started to feel like this was dodgy and googled his email address [email protected] and found this thread.

Unsure on how to protect myself from getting scammed now.

Matthew – Jun 16, 2020

I have just had the exact same experience whilst selling a mattress on Gumtree.
Exactly the same email about Man with a Van wanting Amazon Vouchers as payment- weird!
That he was house bound and his card declined to pay for them via Amazon – dodgy!
Believe in your gut instinct!

Ruben – Jun 08, 2020

Just happened to me with a guitar I was selling on gumtree. Asked for PayPal so gave the email address of one I have set up when I’m not to sure about a buyer, without my name or any other details on. Low and behold I had a security message saying someone had tried to log into the gmail
Account on an unrecognised device. Feel like an [censored] falling for it now.

Teresa – Jun 06, 2020

Same as above, amazon vouchers,. Collection driver, fake PayPal. Emails. Blah blah. I played along for about 12 hours as I was bored and response with the below

Yes it does state why it not in my account yet however, As it comes from an email address that is clearly fraudulent and both your name and email address is plastered all over the Internet as a scammer nothing is going anywhere.

You have been reported to the local police, gum tree and paypal you absolute creature.

I was bored so let this go on and hopefully waste your time so that someone else may not be [censored]ed over. 

You are [censored] and hope the karma hammer smashes you in the face, if not a literal one multiple times. 

Genuinely hope you sleep well at night. 

Still happy meet up with your rep tomorrow and we can “discuss” the situation. 

Reported to PayPal and gum tree. Called local police to help apprehend the courier but were not interested. Could of been a great little sting

William – May 02, 2020

This happened to myself and my partner just now – we are selling a console unit from London via Gumtree and immediately caught on that this was a scam. The person is using the same name Joseph Schneider and the email they used [email protected]

They need to be stopped

Adam – May 30, 2020

I received an enquiry via Guntree –
He asked for my paypal email & home address then sent the following email via
[email protected] with the name Joseph Schneider.

The Guy with the Van just got back to me. Right now everything is set, I gave him your information. He would contact you to schedule pick up date and time. But I have a little problem which I am sure you can help me through it. The Van guy wants his money through an Amazon Gift card which I couldn’t get due to my present condition(I’m home-bound).

I’ll include the £105 he charged me for pick up and delivery to the PayPal payment I’ll send to you. You will help me go to any nearest store to purchase the gift card for the Value of £105. I will also include an additional £20 for your time and fuel. I will be happy if you can do this for me. Please let me know in your response, if you can help me get the gift cards for the Van Man and I will proceed with the payment now. He will collect the cards from you at the time of pick up.

Frederick – May 18, 2020

I had the same thing just now, selling a sofa via gumtree.

Keri –

Victim Location 83705

Type of a scam Phishing

I was recently contacted by a potential buyer regarding merchandise I was selling on Craigslist. After communication exchanges via email and text messaging, the buyer asked that I front the shipping costs associated with the purchase via a Money Gram wire transfer. The buyer says that he included these costs in a PayPal payment that he posted. The payment never posted to my account. I am attaching the email that requested the money and noted that money posted to my PayPay account would not be available to me. I did not wire any money. Below is all the information I have on the buyer.

Contact name:

Joseph Schneider ([email protected])

Phone number: ?+1 (917) 725-7715?

This is the information for the “Shipping Agent” that context requested a Money Gram order be sent to:

Name: Denise Kulesza

City: Brookfield

State: Massachusetts

Zip Code: 01535.

> Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2018 at 10:14 PM

> From: "PayPal Service"

> To: xxx

> Subject: Message from PayPal!


> [PayPal] <span title="[–kWASJboeqmcrzY54TXaMKEJObEzENYL2oFOeE0GnYw=s0-d-e1-ft#]
[… />
> <span title="[–kWASJboeqmcrzY54TXaMKEJObEzENYL2oFOeE0GnYw=s0-d-e1-ft#]
[… />

> Dear Xxx


> For security reasons you will have to front the shipping cost to the shipping agent before you can have access to the whole payment. The total sum of $1,575.00USD has been credited to your account, but it will neither be displayed nor be available for spending. Due to security purpose, you will not have access to any of the funds until you send the pick up cost of $545.00USD to the shipping agent via Money Gram Money Transfer. However, we are doing this to protect both you and your buyer from on line scam.


> This is very easy, simply visit the nearest Money Gram Money Transfer agent location with cash to send the money.


> However, you will need to reply to this message with the following information as soon as you have sent the money for verification and confirmation:


> The Reference Number (This will be given to you at the Money Gram office as soon as you have sent the money)

> The Sender’s full name and Address (This is the name of the person that send the money at Money Gram)


> However, the payment will be available in your account immediately we have confirmed that you have sent the shipping cost to the shipping agent.


> As always, if you need help or have any questions, kindly reply to this message with any question.


> Thank you for being a PayPal customer.


> Sincerely,

> PayPal.





> PayPal, Inc. is Licensed as a Money Transmitter by the New York State Department of Financial Services. PayPal, Inc., NMLS #910457, License #FT3345, Massachusetts Foreign Transmittal License. PayPal, Inc., Transmit Money By Check, Draft or Money Order By The Department of Banking, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PayPal, Inc. Rhode Island Licensed Money Transferor. PAYPAL, INC., NMLS #910457, LICENSE #34967, IS LICENSED BY THE GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF BANKING AND FINANCE.


> Copyright © 2018 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is located at 2211 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95131.



> NA06112





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