Joseph Lee

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Ryan –

Victim Location 44313

Total money lost $3,300

Type of a scam Romance

On May 30, 2019, we started chatting on WeChat. He told me that he was chatting on the roof of the oil well for a month. He said that he received a big K death and went to work in the North Sea for a month and a half. He told me that the company he had opened had the remaining balance and that important people needed to sign documents for him to keep. He asked if I could take care of him for him? I told him that there is no way, because such an important thing, I feel that the responsibility is great, and it is not my money, I am not willing to accept. In mid-July, he said that his most important machine was broken and he needed to buy one. The new machine cost $100,000. I just said that I don’t have money, so we were unhappy, and after a few days, he Said that he was looking for his circle of friends, so it was solved, but he told me. She used up the spare funds and he still has a month to finish the work. When he needs to pay for all the staff, he said that he needs 6000. I told him that I didn’t have that much money. My bank account was only 2,000. He said that he didn’t want to ask me 6000. I hope that I can help her how much, because he made me believe him, so I gave him 1800 in the form of bitcoin. He said that he would come to me in mid-August and mid-month. We will pay for the travel ticket and the hotel. I paid it, so he said that he will definitely come to me, but I believe him, just On August 9th, he told me that his work collection would be postponed, but he had no money to buy a flight back to Canada, so he needed it. I am helping her a little, but I said that I really don’t have money, but I am worried that he will not pay me back, so I told him that my mother is sick, and the hospital needs money to ask him to help me but he has been focused on He needs money to fly back. Don’t tell everyone in Canada. Don’t believe that one of the 10,000 online loves may be true. You and I are not the lucky ones. We have talked about telephone video, but the other party’s picture is closed, so you must face-to-face contact for more than one year before you consider money assistance. If you haven’t seen each other, you must have more than one year after meeting. I hope that my experience will allow more people to avoid being deceived, because the film will use any method to make you believe in him, he is real, you still have a ring. This is a terrible thing, so definitely don’t trust people who will ask you for money.



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