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Tammy –

Victim Location 76513

Total money lost $465

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wished to purchase an 8-month old Husky puppy advertised on this website, and provided my contact information. I received multiple emails from the alleged seller, including pictures of the puppy. After agreeing on price, I sent $465.00 USD ($350 for puppy and $115 for airline) through Money Gram to the seller. The Money Gram was purchased at Walmart, Reference #29736533 on 6/1/2016. The seller who stated his name was Daniel Christian confirmed receipt of funds and stated he would be arranging airline transport for the puppy and would then provide me with the confirmation number. I received an email from Mr. Christian stating he had arranged for a flight for the puppy, that his father suddenly had to go to the hospital for surgery and that the Transport company (Trans Cargo International out of Baltimore, MD – "Cell # 410-929-7690") would be contacting me with further details. I did receive an email from this company, stating that they required a "Life Pet Travel Insurance Policy" before they would ship the puppy and that I needed to pay $1515.00 USD. The transport company stated I needed to send them a Money Gram to "Henry Tobias in the District of Columbia", but that $1400.00 would be reimbursed to me when I picked up the puppy. I emailed back the seller that I was not aware of this and he stated he "had no idea but he was at the hospital so I needed to just pay it". I received a phone call from the Transport company (male voice with an Indian accent), who demanded to know when I would be sending them their money. I asked him about taking credit cards, and he stated "Oh, our machine is down now, just send Money Gram". I told him no, and that he needed to contact the seller. I then emailed the seller, stating that I would not be paying any further monies. He then replied that he would "put up $700 if I paid the other $700". I told him no and requested my money be refunded. He stated he "couldn’t do that at this time". My final email to him was that he could 1) Send us the puppy, 2) Refund my money, or 3) I would report him and his fraud to the BBB, FCC, and contact my attorney. He never replied to me. I have saved and printed out all emails, and have my receipts.



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