Joseph Cullivan

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Jose –

Victim Location 94607

Type of a scam Other

This number and other numbers from other instances for the past two months and including yesterday and today recently has been calling asking for a person’s name who is not me and not someone I know or associated with for an appointment for "signing legal documents". It would be a different caller each time. In one instance I answered, I told them they had the wrong number. But recently these past few days, it keeps calling and giving me voicemails. It keeps calling me from different numbers but for exact same name and leaving me voicemails to call back or else they will show up to (the person addressed) "home address or place of employment". It claims there is already an appointment to sign legal documents and that not returning the call would cause the appointment to be lost. This is annoying because this is not the first time this person’s name was mentioned from someone I do not know. The scammer’s name appears to be Joseph and starts the voicemail with "This message is solely for [someone’s name who is not me nor I am associated with].



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