Joseph and Harris

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Miguel –

I did an online interview and phone interview. So I thought maybe it could be legit. Plus when I initially research there were no fraud reports on this company. They had me work for a month and did not pay me. Now the work number has changed and my “trainer” or “HR supervisor” Ella D. Scott stopped contacting me. Mind you we spoke everyday Monday through Friday. Who ever reads this please dont be tricked. I turned down real job opportunities for this.

Clinton –

Victim Location 33054

Type of a scam Employment

They had a listing on indeed for operations manager. So I applied because the job description delt with accounting. I was then emailed by "HR supervisor" Ella d. Scott saying they loved my resume and for me to move on to the next step. I then had to go through online interview and then phone interview over the course of a week. During this week I checking the internet and for scam reports and found nothing. After that week, they sent me over a job offer and asked if I accept then an 11 page contract once I accepted. After that they said they used telegram to communicate. Ella then did the paperwork like w-4, payroll and identity verification. From there she had me start working. She wanted me to learn first about bit coin and then try learn different transactions with her. We did this for a month. She explained my trial was to end on the 10/16/19 and also that was my first pay day. She also said after the trial i would work with the collection manager and be in charge of a few finance clerks. Ella and I talk every monday-friday since I was hired until today when it was pay day. Now she has changed her number in telegram to some identity theft program and wont respond to emails or messages. They have also changed there address on the website and phone number. I really hope they are caught. Thank God nothing was stolen from me, but i turned down great jon opportunities for this position and wasted a month of my time.

Aimee –

Type of a scam Employment

Very little information was hired right away without a formal interview no phone call just a contract sent to me

Dennis –

Type of a scam Employment

I was emailed directly by “Laura Hutton” as I am in the process of job searching. I have my resume on many job recruiting sites and they found me through one of them. They said they thought I’d be a good fit for them as a collection agent (even though I am in the sales/business development field). They laid out what the salary would be and job expectations. They had me fill out a 20 minute questionnaire online which I did. After reviewing they said they wanted to hire me. They sent me a 10 page employment agreement, all along still which I haven’t spoken to anyone only via email. I read over the agreement and my spider senses went up with a few spelling mistakes on it. But the last page had a corporate stamp on it and signed by the Employer. The website looks completely legitimate but she. I googled the company, searched Laura Hutton on LinkedIn and did much research, this company exists nowhere!

I called the and have confirmed with them that this is indeed a scam.

Be aware!



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