Joseluis Rodriguez

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Bonnie – Jun 30, 2020

Victim Location 78283

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I found this man on facebook services, messenger him, sent me his phone number and said to call him. We spoke of what my husband and I wished to do at great lenght.

He gave us a price, whish was under 6000k, we signed a contract with joseluis Rodriguez, for start date ofJune 29th. It would take him a week to complete both decks.

He asked for 400.00 to put us on his calender. We wrote him a check ( which was cashed the next day)

I sent him a saleprice at tracker supply of the hog panel we wanted to use. He texted back great price.

I called him on Sunday june 28th and asked him what time he would be at our home to deliver the supplys.

He then stated

(1) he was watching the weather as it might rain.

The next excuse

(2) he was behind on the job he worked on and would not be able to come for 3 days. Wednesday is when he could start.

We asked at what time he had planned to tell us?

He then(3) explained he had not ordered our supplys, as the ground might be wet. We explained that we had space to keep it dry.

As we were e pecting him monday, i had cleared my schedule to be here for him working on our deck.

He then started to say that he felt that we started off on a bad foot and explained he would bot be doing us the decks.

My husband demanded the return of our money. He said he would UPS it to us. As of today there is no refund.



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