Jose Mendez

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Krystle –

Victim Location 93727

Total money lost $8,500

Type of a scam Home Improvement

This person was at Home Depot and approached me when he saw I was looking at tile. Asked me if I was going to buy it, if I had anyone in mind to do the work. He said this was his job and he could do the work. I told him how big the area was and he quoted me $380 and he could have it done in 3 days. Showed me some pictures of past jobs he had done. Seem like a nice man, Hispanic in his late 40’s . So I agreed to have him stop by to check. He came and said was there anything else I needed done and I said yes, He gave me a price for the 2 bathrooms and kitchen. He spend 3 – 4 days taking everything out of the bathrooms and kitchen. After one week said he was ready to order cabinets & granite. Showed me samples and asked me to pick, then he said he need to money to purchase. So I paid him $8500 to purchase bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, stove, granite tops. He never returned. Called me once every 10 days to tell me that his truck broke down, then he was sick, then the cabinets won’t ready yet. Then started telling me to give him a chance he would be here on Tuesday – never came, then another call that he would be here Sat – never came. Now I have no money to finish my kitchen.

Am afraid for other elderly ladies because he said there was 2 other ladies at Home Depot that wanted his help. He drives a maroon Chev Tahoe license plate ***



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