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Amelia –

Victim Location 13219

Type of a scam Utility

I kept getting calls listed as "NYS 215.6839." I was unsure as to whether a NYS office was trying to reach me so I called back – if, for nothing else, to find out what they wanted and to stop the calls, which were coming all too often. I got them on the phone a few minutes ago and that’s when I began to grow wary. They said they wanted to get me a refund – up to $200 per year – for overpayment of NIMO gas and electric. They wanted me to come up with my NIMO Bill so they could begin processing the refund. That’s when I said No. They wanted info about my NIMO account, my personal info, etc. , and that just wasn’t about to happen. I asked if this "refund" required a change in utility companies. The rep on the phone said it did not. She did mention that they were located in Florida. Tell me there’s not something wrong with this picture. No one hands me a $200 refund for utility bills – every year no less. It’s got to be a scam and one worthy of your investigation. I hope you will follow up.



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