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Christie – Aug 10, 2020

Victim Location 76028

Type of a scam Phishing

He has sent me two documents and a pic. Here is what this guy wrote to me:

Of course i do understand your skepticism but you just have to believe it. Besides,you should also understand the confidential nature of this project and as such should keep it very secret. Sure i will send my license and ID to you but i suggest you stop all third parties. I am not against your lawyers looking at the legitimacy of my proposal but i don´t think it´s necessary. What are they actually looking at? I am not been boastful but good product sells itself.

Considering the nature of the deal,one have to be careful to avoid complications. This is a deal and must be kept as one. If you are not comfortable putting your accounts,we may try to set up an offshore account where the funds would be moved to. I don´t that will be a problem.

Then finally,as a matter of fact,my late client was a successful business man/contractor and was also into real estate.

On Wednesday 15th October 2003 at 12:17pm,he deposited the sum of 6.5 Million Euros in finance safe keeping company without stating any next of kin or beneficiary. As we all know,death is inevitable and no one knows when it will come. It´s unfortunate that he was a victim of Cancer which claimed his life and as a result the fund has become an abandoned deposit. When he deposited the fund at the finance company,he had a contract agreement (Deed of Lodge) with the company to keep the funds in their custody for 14 years and serviceable every year,now that the contract have expired,the company has contacted me severally as the attorney to my late client,that i should provide the beneficiary to the funds or else it will be declared serviceable and returned to the state treasury as an unclaimed fund.

I know that this will not happen because the corrupt company staffs will embezzle the funds. This goes on in Banks/finance safe keeping companies all over the world without people knowing. A lot of customers open private accounts and deposit fortunes with different Banks/finance safe keeping companies without the knowledge of their families and when they die,such money will be lost to the Banks/finance safe keeping companies unless someone comes to claim it. This is how a lot of Banks/finance safe keeping company Directors make so much money silently.

This is the main reason why i contacted you so we could both claim the funds and share it among ourselves.

However, as the attorney to my late client,I have all it will take to make this transaction a success and every necessary documents that will be needed is my possession. You see,as a financial accredited attorney,i know we shall benefit from this transaction and will surely achieve success. For the purpose of this claim I will be acting as your attorney to guide you and also to ensure the success this transaction based on my experience as a practicing lawyer here in Spain, so I am quite aware of the legal system as it concerns such issues and would also taking into cognizance such laws as it concerns your country. In view of the aforementioned, I must advise that strict caution is needed so as to avoid undue publicity about the process, do keep this transaction as CONFIDENTIAL as possible until we have made the claim and our application approved.

Everything will be done according to the law and there is no risk involved. The money is genuine and legitimate,even if we do not claim the money,the corrupt officials will embezzle the funds. There are people out there who needs the funds more than we do,even me and you still need the money.

Please reconfirm the below information.

Full Names:


Marital Status

Date of Birth


Telephone Number

Upon your response reconfirming your interest once again,i shall tell you the next step.


Jorge Martinez Orozco.



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