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Ana – May 14, 2020

Total money lost $4,250

Type of a scam Other

ok my mother bought a car off this man, with 3 witnesses there and he sold them a car that wasnt inspected first off, and we have msgs from him saying there were no issues it would pass inspection and it didnt, she took his word on it, he knew she had to drive several hours on the highway, and he allowed her to leave his property knowing what had to be fixed with this, i have numerous ppl contact me and he scammed them as well, Im contacting a lawyer about this because he now wants my mother to drive the vehicle back to him which is 4 hours away and he will look to get fixed but his not gonna give an inspection slip even though when she purchased he said he could do the inspection there, she also cant see very well but he put on the bill of sales to her, that he sold it for 2200 when i was there and counted the money out twice and we gave him 4250 in total, i had given him 3950 first, and he said with taxes its 4250 but he has the bill of sales written for 2200, i have 3 witnesses to confirm the amount given to him, he was asking 5000 so he definitely wouldny sell for 2200 like he wrote on the bill of sales, he is threatening us and telling us we cant do nothing about it, and the only option he give us was for my mother to drive 4 hours in an unfit car to drive and possibly kill someone or herself



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