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Angelica – Oct 17, 2020

Scammer’s phone (424) 535-1604

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 200 N Pacific Coast Hwy #803 El Segundo, CA 90245

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country Unknown or Invalid Region

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Email

I accepted a job offer from joower on 9/18/2020 your supposed to go threw this probation period where they send you packages you check them print a shipping label and take them to fedex. Michelle was who hired me and Lily was my manager, Lily never really responded to me and Michelle would always respond up until Wednesday my check is supposed to be mailed out 10/19/20 and now nobody is answering me , I emailed payroll my overtime And she hasn’t responded to me either . They are scammers and they won’t send you a check so please ignore there emails the packages are stolen . I also can’t log on to my CRM anymore and I seen a lot of people have received a letter from the postal service about “work from home scams” I haven’t received one yet if I do I will update. I have uploaded pictures to show I processed all my orders then after that I could no longer access the CRM

Alyssa – Oct 15, 2020

Update, this is for sure a scam. They told me my check was lost in the mail. I’ve reached out to everyone on the “Joower “ team and there’s absolutely no response. I can’t believe that people could be so crewel I should’ve kept those packages and sold them! I contacted a lawyer. We need to all stand together and do the same and sue those mother [censored]ers for all they are worth!

David – Oct 17, 2020

Definitely a scam I’m supposed to get my check on 10/18 and all a sudden nobody is responding to me and I can’t get on the CRM

Sharon – Oct 10, 2020

They are a scam and so is new wave market/ cosmic couriers that claim to work with amazon

Carolyn – Oct 08, 2020

Yes this is a scam. The first couple of packages where to the sales department with my address, then they started sending other people name with my address which made me very uncomfortable. I asked Lily about it, she told me to send it. The RED flag they send something in my landlord’s name. Which he didn’t order anything. I worked two weeks, by the second week they had seven different names to my address. RUN and don’t look back. It’s sad we’re trying to do the right thing and people are trying to take advantage of you. and yes I received that same email.

Allison – Oct 06, 2020

Hello did you all receive a letter like this from the postal service.

Jeremy – Oct 07, 2020

I got one the other to.. I emailed Lily bout it.. No answer

Kristin – Sep 25, 2020

I have been working for this company for 1 month my pay date was initially sept 16, 2020 I have not received any payment or packages I have been told my check has been lost in the mail with little to none communication I have been scammed they took my lease my I.d I even signed paper like a real job I’m lost I’m behind on all my bills I can’t believe this .

Tommy – Sep 29, 2020

Sorry to hear your story, I went through the same thing, that’s me below. Michelle, after four weeks said they cut me another check, I was going along to see how far they would take it. These people are horrible, but Karma is a b[censored]. Good luck.

Stacy – Sep 22, 2020

Yeap SCAM, same as everyone else. I finished my probationary period and have yet to hear back on my check. Crickets and now nothing from Lily or Michelle. Postmaster General contacted me as well, I had two shipments that had not gone out so he sent me somne shipping labels and I returned them to him. I also called the local police to inform them. They documented it for the record. What a waste of time and another example of heartless people. There are other companies out there doing the same scam, A&A Shipping is the exact same thing. BEWARE!

Victoria – Sep 20, 2020

I was just notified yesterday 9/19 via mail that there is a possibility of a scam and I now I read your post and I am going through the same thing I am in shock and afraid I do t need to get into trouble with anyone
Pls tell me what did you do and did anyone reply to letter from us pi’s?

Rebecca – Sep 17, 2020!. Joower DOES NOT SHOW UP! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

Nathaniel – Sep 16, 2020

I have been working for Joower since August 23 2020. I recently received a letter in the mail from the postal inspector warning me of a posible scam. I decided to hold off on sending out packages and today September 16 2020 I received a call from my “supervisor” Lily Stewart. What I find odd is that Michelle Lambert and Lily Stewart are the only two names being mentioned. This company doesn’t have any other members of HR or supervisors? Hmm very fishy. Anyways, Michelle also reached out via email and explained that they would fine me if I didn’t mail out the packages which I think is bs. If I do not receive payment on the allotted date I will be pressing charges against this company.

Eddie – Sep 25, 2020

Have you had any luck I’m going through this as well

Alana – Sep 12, 2020

I am nearing the end of my 1 month “probationary” period and I received a letter in the mail from the Postal Inspection Service that i may be a victim/part of a mailing scam. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY.

Nicolas – Sep 21, 2020

Of postal inspectors are notifying you ,are they following up?because if this is a legitimate scam why wouldn’t the BBB are your local post offc put a stop to this,somebody should be going further than notifying you by mail,for all we know thts bogus as well!

Joseph – Sep 15, 2020

I’m also nearing the end as well no letter or anything yet. However my last batch of packages were all stopped so I’m sure I will recieve one.

Lacey – Sep 03, 2020

I just signed all the paperwork and sent in all the information that they asked for. I’m so excited about this job and really need the money and something to do I pray it’s not a scam! I have unanswered questions about this job and I don’t want to do anything illegal. Does anyone have a good experience with this company?

Adrienne – Sep 12, 2020

This is a scam!

William – Sep 09, 2020

I just started working here to but in Memphis ,TN. I have recieved about 12 items and everything seems as if its smooth but my robation period doesnt end until October 1st,2020 when i get my “first check”

Cassandra – Aug 28, 2020

I worked for– very similar to the Joower website. I was then contacted in my home by the police..they asked me if I had been ordering stuff using fake credit cards because several packages have been being sent to my address. It was terrifying..these companies are getting very tech savy and are putting us in the middle to do their dirty work so when the cops come they come after you! The police said not to ever accept packages that are not addressed to you either

Derek – Aug 24, 2020

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Email

Michelle Lambert & Aria Wilson had sent me several emails within a period of 3 wks for a job opportunity. Fortunately my instincts were on-point! I did not move forward with filling out any info. It shows from the initial email there is definitely something shady about this “job opportunity”

Nicole – Aug 10, 2020

Victim Location 44109

Type of a scam Employment

I have been applying for tons of jobs lately – mainly Work-From-Home positions in light of the pandemic. I was skeptical at first about this position that would ship packages to your house to quality check before shipping them to their final locations. I agreed to a phone interview for a chance to ask my questions. Why would a company willingly add time and money to their shipping route just to quality check… why not just do that before shipping? They made it seem like the types of packages I would be checking and re-shipping are from smaller businesses that can’t afford to lose customers because of occasional mishaps or damages between leaving the retailer and being received by the customer. This would be a way to fix any issues before getting to the customers so they do not lose future business or receive bad reviews. This made a little more sense and I could understand for small businesses that this could be a very useful tool. (Though it still wouldn’t save something from being damaged between me and the customer but I guess I was hopeful that people might actually still look out for the best for others.)

I received a conditional offer for a probationary period of 30 days where I would receive my first payment after the 30 days. If my work was satisfactory, they would then offer me a permanent position with the company at a higher rate of pay ($3,000 – $3,100 a month available bi-weekly or as a lump monthly payment. The $100 as reimbursement for packaging items such as tape, labels, printer ink, etc.)

After sending them proof that I live where I live (Driver’s license or utility bill addressed to me at my current address), they then would report back within 3 days to let me know if I am accepted for the position on a probationary basis. I received the confirmation on Friday and emailed as directed Monday to continue the process. It all seemed very legit on their website. They gave me a temporary password, a direct manager who sent me instructions on how to navigate their "CRM" page where I could chat with the supervisor and receive my employment manuals and assignments after training. I should be receiving a call from the manager to go through what I read in the directions and to ask any questions I have about those directions. I still had a gut feeling that I’m getting in too deep to something fishy so I contacted the chat on (THANK YOU, *******!) to double check again. The company didn’t come up in the search originally so I checked with the chat and they did some background digging. Scam.

So now I’m working on making sure nothing is going to happen with the info I gave’s Lily Stewart or Michelle Lambert.

Aimee – Aug 08, 2020

It’s now 3+ months since I started work for Joower and everything seems to be legal. I believe “Private1596378385” has posted a false negative report.

Scott – Sep 29, 2020

Nancy Rogers is part of this scam. They are some horrible people, beware folks, they will string you along when it comes to getting your ‘check’. Yeah Nancy is right but the Postmaster General is wrong?

Virginia – Sep 21, 2020

Ms Nancy be honest have you gotten psid anything from them?

Ebony – Sep 20, 2020

So you say it’s false you received your 1 check and got hired?

Ross – Sep 16, 2020

I am on my last day of probation for Joower and i received a letter from the US Postal services, on about being part of a Work form Home Scam. I spoke to the HR dept and they notified me that some of the reviews are made by people that just got fired from Joower. Witch we all know that when people get fired its some animosity on the inside based on their feelings. People will make up anything about a business that they messed up on. Anyone been working for this company longer than 3 months and can give more in site on Joower. I really like working for this company but I will not be part of a scam that is doing Illegal shipping.

Jack – Sep 09, 2020

Nancy I also work for Joower can you call me ? 470-413-8841

Kate – Aug 21, 2020

It’s not a scam or shipping packages over seas for them? Payments have been real?

Leah – Aug 07, 2020

I just got the same notification, I fortunately did sign the employment paperwork, however I have yet to provide Bank info. Glad I saw this.

William – Aug 04, 2020

Victim Location 89119

Type of a scam Employment

Joower contacted me for a job opportunity. They wanted to mail me fraudulent packages and have me repackage the items and ship them to foreign countries. They wanted my social security number and said they would pay me after 30 days of employment. This is a common scam with a very dangerously real looking website.


Phone: +1 (800) 428-3201

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