Joosua or Josdan Daniel

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Emmanuel –

Victim Location 40206

Type of a scam Romance

First flag was when he asked me not to tell my friends about our communication. He removed himself from OkCupid saying he wanted only me to communicate with. Repeated some of my words in his texts to me. Overly convinced of his finding me as work of God. So much flattery. On Valentine’s Day sent several messages, phone calls in the morning, then long text saying he was flying to Chicago for work; give a presentation at last moment, then said he had to fly to Istanbul to sign a contract. All this odd to me. When I asked for designs to see what he was creating for his clients he sent me several attachments, but no website attached. i couldn’t find any website for him. He said he had no family, his wife died from cancer and his best friend and wife had an affair and he caught them together. Father died in an accident when he was 21. Then, the itinerary that he sent had a time stamp earlier than his first contact on 2/14 making me suspicious. He sent me various photos of himself on planes. One picture had a beard of a different length then other pictures. This morning he calls saying he’s having to stay over till Monday in Istanbul and couldn’t change flight. His credit card was frozen. All this … didn’t ask me for direct money but said he was unable to sleep with worry and he needed someone to help him. He said later, after our morning phone call, that "I wish and pray someone can help me and once am back I will give the money back." This tells all.



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