Jones Walker

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Brent –

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Free Beagle asking for money for paper transfer and shipping to safeway logistic international shipping for extra money paid owner $275.00 for papers and another $225 all in Google play cards texted to them. After email conformation of shipping asking for another $2000.00 and $1500.00 for crate to ship. But its refundable after shipping?. Very fishy and the address on May 24th I went from Ashcroft to Prince George to a address that was not there s. Told by owner of house for sale don’t know this person. Told no the dog had a shot today was sleepy so I will promiss to bring the dog to your home for sure tomorrow. Next day was asked for payment of $450.00 for shipping of dog. Told them no I cant I have no more money being on LTD Disability this pet is online for free, why are you asking for so much. Fake names and addresses and the shipping company calls you No Caller name. None will pick up a call. Texting only and pay tons of money only with google play cards on texting to both.



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