Jones Co. LLC

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Christy – Feb 20, 2020

Victim Location 73054

Total money lost $1,074.60

Type of a scam Employment

I responded to a LinkedIn post by Lisa Jones claiming to be able to improve my resume, get me interviews for unlisted positions, and offer career advice that is supposedly trademarked to help me change careers if I so chose. Her husband as I have come to believe, then called me and sold me on all of their services and how they had patented a certain search function, which should have been my first clue. I felt like it could be a scam, but I was desperate and Kelly is a very good liar. He overcame all my objections and I paid. We had calls schedule two days a week at the same time and that stayed true for 5 weeks, then he started to fall off and make excuses once it came time for me to receive my finalized Resume and my first round of "Unlisted Position Search Results". I sent a string of emails demanding a call and my information that I was promised. It took several days before I finally heard back from Kelly and he made all sorts of excuses and promised my resume and results would be delivered the following week. Now I can’t get an actual phone call, and his number sounds disconnected if you try to call it. I haven’t received any resume and just a brief email that they have some kind of position they will let me know about, but I am not holding my breath. He won’t tell me who it’s with and now I can’t get any phone responses or emails. The main line goes straight to voicemail every time. There’s no address on any of the paperwork that I signed, now that I have gone back to look. THIS IS A SCAM! They will take your money and then after a few weeks start to trail off and make excuses. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! I’m out of a job and out of $1,000!!



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