Jones Cane Corso pups

Check Jones Cane Corso pups reviews to see if it is legit.

Samuel – Dec 03, 2020

They would keep the puppies ages at 10 weeks all the time, and every so often take down some pictures of the puppies and add new ones. You could also tell, that some of the puppies weren’t even Cane Corso’s or atleast full corsos.
I am also quite sure, they changed (edited) some pictures to make the dogs look more “appealing” to buyers.

Shawn – Nov 07, 2020

Scammer’s phone N/A

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address California

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Selling cane corso pups for $600 & only accepts Zelle payment
Wouldn’t show us any recent photos of the dog
Wouldn’t speak to us on the phone
Then find out they use different a different from the original “golden cane corso”



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