Jonathan McDavies

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Karl –

Victim Location 15344

Type of a scam Romance

This old pervert "sugar daddy" around 58, is targeting young vulnerable women who are either recently divorced or have small children. Talks all sweet and gives compliments, then tries to buy the person’s love by saying that he will send gifts and funds. He wants all of your vital information and says that he’s working in Scotland for about 20 days and then won’t be back to his home in Miami Florida until then. Tells ladies that he’s an on an financial advisor and that he is wealthy. States that he has a friend in the states that owes him funds, $1670 or something? (If he’s so wealthy then why does he need to send a cashiers check to the girl and have her deposit it into her account? Then wants you to keep the measily $300 he promised you and instructs you to send the money back to him from your own personal account. I’m not that stupid and is is why I am reporting this jerk right now.) Gave a tracking number and says that either Fed Ex or UPS will deliver this "package" on a Sunday. Sends a text message and an email to verify any more messages from the guy. He’s targeting young, single mothers.



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