Jonathan Jessie Jimenez

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Miguel – Jul 15, 2020

Victim Location 32801

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Rental

On July 7, I received a text message from Jonathan Jessie Jimenez about a room for rent. It was a response to an ad I placed on a site called I was told by the people who were renting the rooms at my current residence that I had until July 23 to move out. While we texted each other at around 1 in the morning, I mentioned my situation to him in regard to my finances (I’m currently receiving Social Security) and he said that he would talk to management in regards to occupying a room if I give him $500 through the apps Zelle or Cash App. I became really hesitant for a little bit because, along this time, I was receiving spam texts as a response to my Roomster ad about renting a room through different area codes. They wanted me to send them money, but they wouldn’t be there to show me the room because they’re out of town doing a seminar because of COVID-19. I had been getting plenty of texts in this matter, so I didn’t believe him at first. He told me not to worry and that everything would be okay if I give him the $500. I kept asking him if it was a scan, and he assured me that it wasn’t. He even showed me a picture of his driver’s license as proof that it wasn’t a scam. On Wednesday the 8th, I transferred it to some woman named Heyla Rivas, whom I thought was his manager, through Cash App, but it didn’t go through to my protection and I got the money transferred back to my bank account on Thursday the 9th. I called a woman named Liz about a room in a group home in Kissimmee and I had plans on giving her the $500. At around 1 in the morning on Friday the 10th, Jimenez kept harassing me, via text, asking me if I have the money and I lied to him and said no. Then he said he spoke to Rivas about the money and she must have told him that I do have the money. I felt threatened and I should’ve blocked his number right then and there, but I didn’t. After a disagreement with Liz in Kissimmee in regards to moving into a house she was renting, and how I couldn’t put all my things in her garage due to many people living in the house, I decided that it wasn’t for me because I don’t trust anyone with my personal belongings since I’ve had things stolen from me in the past. Feeling frazzled, I gave Jimenez the $500 through Zelle via SunTrust. He and Rivas accepted the transfer. I was told that I had to give him more money because it wasn’t enough to secure the room. He texted saying that he talked to management but nothing worked in his favor and on Saturday the 11th, I was told to either give him more money, or to ask for a refund, and so I asked for a refund. I told him that I really needed this money because I have rooms to go see and people to meet up with. He said that Rivas would speak to me on the phone, but I never received her call. She told him and texted me that the money would be back in my account before 10AM on Monday the 13th. After spending the weekend texting him, calling him, leaving him messages, and even emailing him, I got no response and I still don’t have my money. On Saturday, July 11, I filed a police report with the Orlando Police Department and they accepted it on Monday morning. As I’m typing this, today is the 15th and I’ve chatted about it with an investigator via email and I found out that the person who has the driver’s license was scammed in the same way as mine and that my case would be inactive until a suspect is identified. I’ve also put a fraud alert on my credit and now I’m out $500 and would have to wait until August 1st to get more money so that I can rent a place.



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