Jonas Redmann USA Inc. Employment Scam

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Vincent –

Victim Location 97124

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email to contact Jasmine Abraham (hiring manager) for an online interview through Google hangout. Jasmine Abraham responded stating she was from Jonas & Redman Corporation. I decided to do some research about the company. There was an Jonas & Redman in Germany. Jasmine communicated with me via Google hangout and email. Jasmine claim that the online interview will be conducted via IM only. I thought it was strange but I was unemployed since September of 2017, therefore, I was willing to go along. First she asked the code that was emailed to me. I was given a reference code JARC-1229. Then she asked where I was located (City and State). I provided the information. Then she proceeded to ask me series of questions, I would respond "Okay" or "Yes". Abbreviations are not allowed during the interview. Hmmm, I thought that was strange. She introduced herself and the company was founded in 1989 by Stefan Joan and Lutz Redman. The company was textile industry and medical technology. The company is setting up a new modern manufacturing and admin premises in Tracy, CA where I would be commissioned on the March 12. When the new office near me up and running, I will assigned to one of the office. The job is strictly a remote position. The working hours are flexible. I will be paid $25.75/hour and $18.75/hour during training with a bi-weekly payment. Check will be direct deposit. I thought to myself, great! I was a remote employment. She asked which position I was interested. I said "Data Entry". She gave me the website to the company I was required to review the company. I gave her three references. After a series of question, she placed me on hold for 15-20 minutes while she review my answers with her team. When she came back on line, she state that after careful consideration, she had a good news for me. She state that I qualified for the position. Then she state that the job letter offer, USCIS form I-9, and W4 forms, along with company code of conduct will be emailed to me. Like a dummy because I was excited I completed the forms and emailed the forms back to them. After emailing the completed forms, I was apprehensive about what I have done, but it was too late. She asked where I bank. She indicated that I will receive my duties online daily. My hours are flexible but I would have to report online by 8 a.m. She said that I need some Accounting software and a Time Tracker to "commence" training. The funds for the software programs will sent to me via check. The check will the cost of the laptop, printer, scanner, time tracker with internet connection. I will receive the check in the mail via FedEx or USPS. I will have to deposit the into my bank and the funds will be available in 1-2 business days. I have to show proof that the check was deposited by sending her a copy of my deposit receipt. I received the check in a FedEx envelope. When I open the envelope, I was surprise to see the amount $5950. I asked why she send a large amount. She said that the amount was low cause if I were meant to purchase it outside, it would cost more. I never heard of the bank on the check and there were no return address. Something about the address label that didn’t feel right, but I ignore my thoughts. When the funds are available, I keep $450 as a sign-on bonus. When I deposited the check, I asked the bank teller is the check was real. The teller said they will when the check is deposited. I told Jasmine that funds are on hold for two weeks. She asked if I could use my own funds to pay to their vendor so I can receive the materials to start my training. I told her that I was unemployed and have no funds available. After a few days, my bank stated that the check was withdrawn to due some items in the check was altered. I told Jasmine that check was no good. She said that she will contact account. After that, I broke all communication. The whole job offer and the check was a scammed. At least I did not give any of my funds.



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