Jonah G. Orton

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Micheal –

Victim Location 46815

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Romance

"Jonah" contacted me through facebook just after my husband had committed suicide. He sounded like a nice guy, and we connected right away because he told me his wife had died in childbirth five years before. He said he lived in London, was from Swindon, and was currently working at sea near West Virginia until the end of May. He said he grew up in an orphanage, and had a 9 year old son named Alex ([email protected] Alex Gracies) who was in a boarding school until he was done with his contract with Marathon/ Oil Rigs this May. He also said he was retiring in May and would make $1.2 million dollars. He started putting on the charm and had me believing that he cared about me; of course he said the most romantic things to me and made me feel like no one ever had. He started telling me that he told his son about us and that he wanted us to get married and me to be a mother to his son. He asked if I would email his son, and after his son replied he said his birthday was April 13th or 14th and he asked me for a phone as a gift. I replied that I couldn’t get him a phone as that is his parent’s responsibility/ place and never heard from him again. A few weeks later, Jonah told me that he was in financial trouble with a security company where he had placed a safe deposit box with riches he had found outside his company’s scope of business. The security company was only giving him 8 days to move the deposit box and he wanted me to contact them and plan for it’s delivery. He wanted me to contact the company through and the only way I could access the link was from the one he sent, so I refused to do it and didn’t feel comfortable dealing with his finances since we just met. He fought with me for a little while, as I was calling him out the whole time; after a few days he dropped the issue, and everything seemed to be romantic again. A few weeks later, he asked if I could get him an itunes card since he was bored. I didn’t really see a problem with that because it was like buying someone a gift, but still checked to see if it could be traced back to me. After I purchased it though, he said he couldn’t use it and said it had never been activated. I checked with the store and itunes and it had been activated and itunes said they would help him figure it out, so I called him out on that too and told him I wouldn’t help him further. Then last weekend he said he was getting a two week leave from the ship he was on and we would finally get to meet after he took care of his safe deposit box. Then he said he had a problem and needed $2000 to purchase a ticket to get a flight. I told him to order it online, which he said he couldn’t do because he closed his account in London before he started his current contract. I asked him what kind of millionaire closes their bank account before the biggest payday and retirement and that I couldn’t be with him because he was too expensive for me. He stopped responding almost immediately, didn’t even look at my last message on messenger. I decided to block him from Facebook and review my Facebook settings in general. I’m not sure how he found me, but now I realize he took advantage of my vulnerability and believe him to be a scam artist. Although I never gave him any of my account information from any of my accounts, I’m still checking to see if there is anything I need to do to safeguard them.



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