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Lacey –

Victim Location 48911

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I Was contacted by an actual friend via Instagram messaging. She told me she had just received a grant for $80,000. And that she saw my name on the list of others who also won these so called grants provided by UNICEF & WCAB. That every year, 6 tax payers are selected as winners and are chosen at random to win these so called grants. I could tell the grammar between messaging was bad, and not typical of my friend who messaged me this info. I also started googling about this, and it seems to be a scam. I guess they will ask you for your personal info, I stopped at my full name, because I just felt something was off. I was told all I had to do was text a Mr. Jon Parrish Peede at number (234)815-8795. I got an instant response that I was in fact a winner of these free grants?! But I did not go any further than giving my full name out since it just did not feel right, feels like a scam. They way the grammer is, and the way they respond. Beware!



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