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Evelyn –

Victim Location 01033

Type of a scam Phishing

We have received more emails regarding the truck we have for sale, which is listed on craigslist. Here’s all the emails from the scammer(s): Husband would love it! What’s your email where he can contact you? 6/6/2019 4:07:48 PM This email was from an Elisabeth, the next emails are from Jon Lyons: I’ve seen your post and I have few questions: Is everything OK? Are there any bad things on it like bad suspension, oil leaking or anything like that? Thanks I’m ready to come and talk over the details. I also need to make sure everything is legit on the vehicle. Can you provide a current Title Report? My loan officer has requested a report I would really feel more comfortable buying a vehicle with an official Title report. To be able to come , see , test and make a deal for it face to face , i need the report so i can pass it to my loan officer and make sure he will allow me to buy it .

I need the report because the loan company ask for it .please go to and get one . will not make sense for me to get one because i can`t re use it like you can , you will be able to give it to all you potential buyers , me on the other hand if will not be ok i will gave to look for a new vehicle and get a new report . I know is only $24 but if i have to run 5 reports until i find an ok report where will i be ?

If the report will be ok you can consider it sold. regards P.S if is about the money i will add the $24 to the final price

Here’s my final reply to him: I’m finding it harder to believe with every email you send me that you’re actually interested in purchasing our truck. This whole charade wreaks of fraud. Here are my reasons for believing so: 1. I went to the website you provided a link to and found it to be very suspicious. I’m not about to give this website my credit card info or any other sensitive info to a suspicious website I’ve never heard of. I already told you that I have an autocheck report which has all the title history you’re requesting. I guarantee you that the title is free and clear and the report I have will prove it. 2. I don’t see how or why your loan officer would request the report, since you haven’t even made us an offer, nor have you looked at the truck. 3. You have yet to call us to prove you’re not a phantom person, phishing for info. 4. You’ve yet to answer my question about where you live and you haven’t told me what bank you’re dealing with or your loan officer’s contact info. If you’re legit, send me all your contact info: name, address, phone number(s), name, address and phone number of bank and loan officer. As I stated in my previous email, we’ve already encountered one scammer and we’re not about to fall for another. 5. Your statement about running multiple reports makes no sense whatsoever, since I’ve told you several times that I have a valid autocheck report (the same exact report that a car dealership purchases on used vehicles they’re purchasing). It’s the only report I’m willing to give a legitimate buyer, so don’t ask me again to give you any other report, especially one from the suspicious website you provided a link to. So, once again, if you’re legit provide me with all the info I’ve requested, come look at the truck and we’ll go from there. Otherwise, I suggest you find another sucker to fall for what I believe to be another scam. If I’m wrong, you’re the only one that can prove it.



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