Jolly Golden Retrievers

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Aaron – Aug 26, 2020

They tired getting me too! Sorry not giving in on this

Ronnie – Jul 28, 2020

Victim Location 37046

Total money lost $2,190

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My son contacted Fred Masalla, [email protected] to purchase a puppy. He has been waiting since July 25,2020 and still no puppy. He has said he shipped the dog thru a shipping company Named Fast Express Pet Shipper, 860 Napa Valley Corporate Way Napa Ca 913-250-6574. He has still not received the dog. The breader said we needed to send another 160.00. He had sent thru Zelle app to Fred Masalla, 2 transactions 7/25/2020 $860.00 then on the 7/26/2020 $620.00. The transportation company was sent thru CashApp on 7/25/2020 2 transactions $160.00 and then another one $550.00. All of this is pure fraud. Be careful don’t deal with this website & these people there scammers. Fred Masalla, [email protected] 3131 Simpson Stuart Rd Dallas Tx 5241 (420) 236-8546 & Fastway Express, 860 Napa Valley Corporate Way Napa Ca 921-250-6574 his name is Jeremy Ryne. He uses square so be careful. Please.

Martha – Aug 24, 2020

Was almost about to do the same, but thought the price was too good to be true. Its a shame what people do to scam and I hope you are able to get your money back and that they will get what is coming to them.

Thank you for your post.

Angel – Jul 24, 2020

Victim Location 78132

Total money lost $710

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My daughter thought she was purchasing a puppy from a legit breeder. She paid $710. This was including shipping. She was told her puppy had shipped. She received an email and a phone call from Fastway Express pet shipping who then told her that she had to pay another $850 for refundable pet insurance. She did not pay it! We knew she had been scammed. She had transferred the money through Zelle so I doubt that she will get it back. So sad! She was heart broken. These scammers really make it look believable. The websites look so professional. We immediately had her transfer what she had in her account out.



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