Check reviews to see if it is legit.

Garrett – Oct 25, 2020

Retractable Ivy Fencing…
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! Total scammers! I ordered 14 pieces and they are 4x smaller than I was told when I asked for dimensions before buying. They said they were 40×80 but turned out to be 10×60 fully spread out and very cheaply made. I contacted them and they offered me a $10 discount for items I paid $263 for. Filed a dispute with Paypal but they wouldn’t do anything to help me. They say I have to pay for return shipping with tracking to receive a refund but when I took it to the post office to return it was $97! I was not paying any more money out of my pocket!

Neil – Oct 23, 2020

I ordered the screens 2nd Aug nothing have tracking number been in Sydney since 2/10/20 looking at the pics up above look like crap I will post pics of mine if I ever get them never again lesson learned 🤬

Stephanie – Oct 13, 2020

I ordered the faux fencing and a rose gold razor for hair trimming, a total of $74. Despite constant follow up with the company to check on my order that at this point is 2 and a half months late the company kept reassuring me it was on the way. I recently received a notice through “shop app” that my items had been delivered. I checked with my building many times and was at home the day they said it “arrived” but my items are nowhere to be found. When I reached out to try to contact the company about this they never responded. The company is a total scam. I’ve learned now, if prices seem too good to be true, they probably are. :-(. Just sad that so many of these companies exist now. This is the second time I’ve been had by an instagram ad. I’ll never purchase through one of those again. DO NOT RISK IT!

Michael – Oct 27, 2020

Don’t bother reporting to Paypal. I did and Paypal said I had to pay shipping back which was $97 international with tracking. Who knows if I would even get my money back after paying to ship it back. SCAMMERS!

Jack – Oct 14, 2020

you should complain about it in paypal. i did. still waiting for paypal’s decision.

Hector – Oct 09, 2020

Omg this website is a scam! I ordered the ivy faux privacy fence, 4 for $89 and what I got is so tiny, not exactly pictured on their website. I received them 2 months later after ordering. They didnt give me an update about my order so I complained about it in paypal. Then that’s the time they gave me a tracking number from China post. Don’t don’t ever order from this website! You will just waste your money.

Tommy – Oct 06, 2020

I ordered the expandable wall back on August 20th. I needed I’ve walk for a birthday party for September 14th. It is now October and I haven’t received anything. I had emailed them on several occasions asking to cancel and they just kept telling me to be patient. I finally got an email that it shipped but have yet to receive a tracking number. To this day I have nothing.

Shanna – Sep 25, 2020

I ordered retractable fence and have not received! That was 2 months ago!
Have emailed them and no response!
Do not order from these people! I’m pissed off I usually am careful when ordering off internet , lesson learned!
Don’t suppose I will get my money back ! Paid thru PayPal so it says!
People don’t use them 😡😡😡😡

Jacob – Oct 27, 2020

I finally received the ones I ordered but they are TINY and very cheaply made. Company offered to give me back $10 on a $263 order. Filed a dispute with Paypal but the sided with the scammers. Very angry and disappointed I fell for this Chinese scamming company!

Carly – Oct 09, 2020

Complain about it in PayPal.

Curtis – Sep 27, 2020

Same here. never got my package.

Manuel – Sep 21, 2020

Save your money, these are a joke! See pics! I paid for Express Shipping and it took 1 1/2 months to get 1/2 of the order- Now that I have them they are beyond HORRIBLE quality, offer no privacy! Also, these measurements are in Centimeters and they are not that big! I am sending them back as we speak! Buy on Amazon, they are much better quality and cheaper!

Suzanne – Oct 09, 2020

Omg I ordered the same thing. The items were a joke indeed! Waste of money. Lesson learned.

Danny – Sep 17, 2020

Jolianao is a rip off! I still have not received my order and they will not respond to emails! I spent 71.80 and received nothing! Buyer beware do not buy from them!

Darryl – Sep 09, 2020

It’s been a month since I placed my order for 6 green leaf screens. I did inquire by sending an email once and i was told to be patient & that the order is being processed, Since then I have tried to contact them 3 more times asking for the tracking number, which has not yet been produced. I told them if they did not respond they give me no choice but to assume they have taken my money and that I would report them if they did not respond, which they haven’t. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY – they’ll just take your money.

Mandy – Sep 05, 2020

I ordered 6 too. I really wish I would had read the reviews first. This is a scam and should not be showed on our social media feed. Haven’t received anything and don’t think I will either. 🙁

Jeremy – Aug 26, 2020

Wish I would have read these reviews prior to purchase. Same complaints! and same opinion do not order.

Kurt – Aug 21, 2020

It’s been 2 weeks ordered 7 of the faux grass wall. Order no 15006. Haven’t received any update . It’s a scam as the fedex tracker shows delivered on a date prior to my order date. I haven’t received anything yet!

Pedro – Aug 13, 2020

Order the retractable fence 3weeks ago. I order 2 and still have not received my order. 7901#. I want my Order or my money back now. I can’t even get in touch with a customer service.

Sheena – Aug 10, 2020

I ordered the retractable grass wall and never received, $60 and nothing, it has been 3 weeks! Order# 6229

Peter – Aug 10, 2020

I ordered the grass fencing 3 weeks ago, never received 🤬

Christina – Aug 08, 2020

I ordered the retractable fence also. The buy 7 get two free save $50. I’ve contacted them by email several times telling them to cancel my order… They have only responded once. They have NOT canceled my order! I will NEVER order from an unfamiliar site again!

Jamie – Sep 21, 2020

Cancel your order, go see my pics of the product! It took 1 1/2 months and I got half of the order and they are small and terrible!

Tara – Aug 01, 2020

I want to buy their retractable fence, but the offer says buy 7 get 2 free save $50, it is not showing the discount in the final price. I contacted their customer service but no one ever replied. there is no contact phone number either. Then I found multiple sites selling identical item with identical pictures videos on facebook. one was named Appearantly this is scam. I decided to stay away from this site and similar sites using the identical pictures.

Brent – Jul 27, 2020

Thanks for posting this scam. I was about to order but could sense something fishy and looked for reviews. There are very good reviews on Facebook page but I think they are paid or fake reviews. They are following up with me to complete the purchase offering additional discount code. Seems this company is dodgy. Take care before you order.

Sarah – Jul 18, 2020

Victim Location 18640

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered twice from this company not realizing it was the same company until after my second order came. The company names were initially different. However, when I contacted them for a refund both times, I have been speaking to the exact same person via email.

The first order, I thought I was getting a childrens pop up tent. It advertised a good sale on this specific item. Once i recieved my item I realized I was scammed. Instead of the pop up tent, I got a childrens parachute man toy. I contacted the company for a refund of my money and they refused.

The second time, I was under the impression that I was buying two camping chairs that were on sale from $89 to $19. Once I recieved my order, I got two small foldable things that mimic a foldable bench chair type. The items I recieved aren’t even big enough for my 10 month old to sit on. They look like toys. I asked for a refund yet again, but I was told that is what I ordered. I am currently still going back and forth with the company for a refund but they are refusing. Their website says they can do refunds with he original package, and within 14 days of getting package. All of which I have done for both orders. I contacted them before the 14 days requesting a refund for both orders. I even sent pictures of screenshots of what I was supposed to get, compared to what I did get. None of that has been good enough for the company. They claim it is my fault. I have still been denied for both orders.

There is no return lable on the packaging, or an address for their company on the website.

This company is a huge scam!

Both orders that I received are together in one picture.



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