Jolene’s Teacup Pomeranian Home

Check Jolene’s Teacup Pomeranian Home reviews to see if it is legit.

Glenn –

Scammer’s phone 7572966012

Scammer’s website Jolenes teacups

Scammer’s address 1908 Anita court

Scammer’s email Unsure

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Text message

She told me she had a teacup Pomeranian available. I paid $470 for it, she told me to come pick up the puppy on a Saturday I drove half way there (4 hours away) in Norfolk VA, and then she said turn around and blocked my number.

Meghan –

SHE IS A SCAMMER! Do not buy any dogs from her. She stole $470 from me and then made me drive down to NORFOLK VA TO PICK UP THE PUPPY THEN A HOUR BEFORE ARRIVING SAID TO TURN AROUND. Fake person.

Karl –

Victim Location 55378

Total money lost $1,275

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Just like other websites, i was searching for a Pomeranian. came up and i filled out my information. She contacted me the next day and asked a lot of questions. So i felt like she’s really caring about her dog and make sure the dog is safe. She told me Zelle the money to her bank to account [email protected] for 550 (shipping included). The next day she sent me the delivery receipt with tracking number. I felt like this is legit. I search the shipping company ( which seems legit. A few hours later i got an email stating that the crate the seller had was not good enough for the weather so they want me to deposit $725 and is refundable at 95% ($652) when the puppy delivered. I contacted the shipping company at the phone number on the website and spoke to the guy and he told me the same thing, due to weather condition i needed to rent the air conditioned crate for the safety of my puppy I agreed and had Zelle another 725. I waited and waited and no puppy showed up. I realized this must be scammed.

Marie –

When did this happen? I am trying to get the word out of her scamming.

Sharon –

Victim Location 84655

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They said they had teacup puppies for sale I then put the deposit down $300. I got curious and reversed image search of the photo they gave me and it was a photo from another website I asked for my money back they said they would but never did. I called them and they blocked my number



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