Johnson & Wagoner Affliates

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Martha –

Victim Location 68059

Total money lost $34,006.85

Type of a scam Rental

J & W affiliates was the closing agent for renting my time share in Mexico through Corporate Connections International. Per their instructions wired various amounts of money to a bank in Mexico to cover maintenance fees, commissions, taxes, etc., all which was to be reimbursed to me once the agreement was closed with the renter. The process dragged on for a couple of months due to what I was being told was the Mexican S.A.T. filing a lien on the transaction, when the renter backed out of the transaction. At this time I was told by J & W that not only would I get my money back but the renter had to pay a penalty for the cancellation, which was to be paid to me also. Just when I was thought I was going to get the money, J & W informed me that the Mexican S.A.T filed a lien on the cancellation costs and that to get my money I needed to wire more money to Mexico. At this time I was thinking this was a scam. I asked for and received an e-mailed letter from the Mexican S.A.T agent who was handling the case. I sent the letter directly to the Mexican S.A.T. for verification and was informed that the letter was false. I asked J & W for my money back and have not heard anything from them.



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