Johnson Smith & Assoc.

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Ruth –

Victim Location 24064

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I rec’d a call from a young lady who left a message stating that some papers had come across her desk and that they needed to be delivered on Wednesday 12th 2017 between 12pm and 3pm. To please give her a call and let her know if someone would be home. Or to call and let her know if I would not be home and they could make another time that was easier for me. She left a call back number of 18889868675 which goes to Johnson Smith & Assoc.. I called that number back the next day, and spoke w a man by the name of Scott Kellerman. Who then preceded to tell me that I had a Visa card that had been sent to him for non payment. He could not tell me who the Visa was thru, only that I owed 933.00 and by the time all legal fees would added it would be over 2200.00. If i wanted to make good on the account he could talk to his manager and see if I could pay 500.00 to settle the debt. I asked a few more questions after because as far as I know, they don’t call you to arrange a time to deliver papers. You either get them in the mail or delivered by the Sheriffs Office in your county.I asked him who the lady was and he said that she worked a few floors under him. Made me wonder if this was a scam as he could not tell me wh the Visa company was.



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