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Type of a scam Employment

I am not entirely sure this is a scam yet. I reached out to the company directly, via the website I found on LinkedIn and am waiting for a response from them as well, but I was concerned enough to report the scam here. I believe they tried to engage me in a scam involving a fake check for start-up costs to a remote job and first week of pay.

I applied for this job on Indeed and the company did have good reviews on the site, but I was worried that what they were offering was too good to be true. Also, the HR Manager did not capitalize his own name, and there were noticeable grammatical errors in the emails sent. The email I provided above, [email protected], is from the correspondence with them, but the initial email I received after I applied on Indeed came from [email protected] I looked her up on Indeed and she is registered as an Executive Recruiter with the company. So some things seem to check out, some others do not. You will see in attached emails and the correspondence copied below, even when sent from an email address with her name, the name always signed on the emails is "kenneth Amura". I cannot find his name connected at all with the business. Link to original job posting is here:

Email 01:

Johnson Service Group Inc

Sat, Jan 18, 2:53 PM (1 day ago)

to me

Dear Applicant,

After a thorough review of your resume, I am pleased to announce that you are offered the position of Customer Service Representative with Johnson Service Group Inc.

This is a remote position, i.e. Your assignment can be performed from any location. Your first assignment will begin on January 27, 2020. You will report after the completion of each assignment to me via my email, and you will be expected to provide 10-20 hours of work per week.

You will be responsible for completing the multi-level tasks below in a professional and timely manner.


1. Organize and schedule meetings and appointments

2. Maintain contact lists

3. Produce and distribute correspondence memos, letters, faxes and forms

5. Book travel arrangements

6. Provide information by answering questions and requests

All these tasks shall be completed using a licensed application software called VirtualAssistPro which will be supplied to you by our independent developer. Necessary training shall be provided prior the starting date.

The pay for this position will be $500 USD per week ($24,000/year).

An interview may not be required as this is a part-time and remote position. If you choose to accept this position, please reply this email

( [email protected] ) with a brief letter of acceptance.

Warm regards,

kenneth Amura

HR Manager at Johnson Service Group Inc

Email 02:

Johnson Service Group Inc

6:15 AM (11 hours ago)

to me

We at Johnson Service Group Inc to have you join our team.

On the starting date for this position, a proficiency assessment task will be given to you to assess your performance. After this, a meeting will be set up with you to give you feedback on your performance and in order to sign all the necessary paper works.

This position requires the following equipment and materials:

1. Computer

2. Security Printer

3. VoIP Phone

4. VirtualAssistPro (This is a licensed application software for performing all the assigned tasks, monitoring and reporting)

5. Papers and Ink

All the above-listed equipment and materials are prerequisites to this position. A check of $3,450 will be mailed to your address. This check is to be used for:

1. The purchase of the required equipment and materials ($3,450)

2. Your first-week pay ($500)

The order instruction will be forwarded to you when the check clears.

Kindly send your full name as it should be on the check, valid mobile number and address of where the check should be mailed to.

kenneth Amura

HR Manager at Johnson Service Group Inc

Please let me know if this is a scam. I believe it might be, but will know for sure when the company responds to my email. However, even that makes me worried because I read an article posted on this site on what to look out for on scam jobs, and it said they can impersonate companies. The email had the same logo used on the website. I am really concerned. I have not gave them my social security number, but they know my email address from our communications and my phone number/address from my resume. Please review the screenshot attached.



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