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Kristen –

Victim Location 10473

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They a left message stating they have an urgent document in their office, and to call them back. I called and they stated that I had an outstanding debt from a Verizon landline in the amount of $470.52. They had an address, last for digits of my ss# and claimed that this was a debt from 2002. I disputed that this was my debt since I have never heard of this before and it has never come up on any of my credit reports. Told them this is the first time I ever heard of this and that I would need more information before I even consider issuing a payment. Also told them that this was out of the state statue of limitations based on what they provided. They were very rude and insisted that I pay the debt, even lowered the amount and offered a transfer of document fee of $100 that would relive me from this debt. Spoke with Sandy Adams who was very unprofessional. I told them that I wanted to consult with my attorney and they said I would have to provide a letter or representation by the end of the their business day. They basically did not provide any information in writing, were not willing to send me any info and were giving me short deadlines to pay before they negatively reported this to the credit bureau. I contacted my lawyer and hope this helps warns others from this illegal debt collection practices.

Charlotte –

Victim Location 97838

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Claimed to be collecting a debt for U.S. Cellular, I am a U.S. Cellular Customer, I called them, they recorded the converstation. Stated they have no information regarding the account, It never existed. Looked up location, Its a dentist office, they wanted $1292.70 to be paid with a credit/debit card, but they could lower total amount to $1051.65 if she scheduled payments. payments were required to begin immidately and would be 105.17 per month, for 10 months. If she did not comply, they will send her to collections. she requested information via email, about the court case (they threatened to sue, upon refusal of card information), they then claimed, that they could but if a concesis was not met, they would be required to send it to underwriting to start garnishments at the termination of the call. They had birthday information, which they told her, and SSN which they told her. They were accurate, and if that wasn’t my mom, who would they have been giving that information to. They requested payments. U.S. Cellular was awesome, made sure this was resolved with them, and confirmed that it was not one of the companies they use, as well as not one of the companies they sold unsettled debts to in 2012. They said the debt was from 2007, which is 10 years ago, meaning that the statute of Limitations has been met, and even if it was a true debt, it is no longer valid because they have not contacted her via mail, phone, email, ect in an attempt to collect the debt in 10 years. –

Isaac –

Victim Location 06108

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I am writing to report a scam from a company Johnson & Edwards collection agency who reported to be located in Perris, CA. This company contacted my husband today 2/22/17. This company stated they were calling regarding a bill that my husband allegedly had with Sprint in 2002 in the amount of $800.00. They stated that the bill had been “taken up by them” because no other agency wanted it. Prior to getting in contact with my husband they provided information to his mother regarding why they were calling. My husband, being concerned, called them back; with this call they were able to use his phone number to get his address, they had obtained his DOB and after we contacted them again they provided my husband with his social security number. I researched this company and there are numerous complaints about them, We contacted Sprint who does not have a record of my husband ever being a customer with them. It is also not on this credit report as we have a credit monitoring service. I informed this company that I will be contacting the Attorney General’s office to report the scam which I have as well as the CFPB. Now, my husband has to contact the social security office and put an alert out for fraud as well as with the credit bureaus.



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