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Patrick –

Victim Location 11501

Type of a scam Debt Collections

JE Group a/k/a “Jensen and Evans”, I have also seen this listed as “Johnson and Edwards”, contacted me 12/10/18 demanding payment on an account for a cell phone bill from 2003 – over ten years ago that they cannot even prove to me it is mine, and this was the first I’d heard about it. They will contact from the following numbers:




877-639-0718 (fax) (they wouldn’t give me this I found it via google and got their info)

The entire ordeal seemed uneasy to me. I made my concerns clear and requested that they mail me a proof of the collection. Federal law (FDCPA) requires them to send you a letter within 5 days of their first contact that contains their name, physical address, the creditor’s name, and the amount of the alleged debt. It also must contain “mini-Miranda” telling you that it is an attempt to collect a debt and that all information will be used for those purposes. (She claims they sent one, this seems to be their MO. They deliberately do not send things so they can claim they did to better suit their claims. Additionally, if you read all the reviews online under all their various names and numbers – people state the same EXACT thing. She then states this states is my fault even though I’ve been at my current address for years) The one other important thing that this letter must also have in it is that you have a right to dispute the debt within 30 days of the date of the letter and if you do so, all collection activity must be stopped until the debt is verified. This seemed to irritate her further. I kept getting the "pay now or else…" Ultimatum. Even after explaining our current hardship and expressing my concern that this was a scam, nothing was done to provide me reassurance that this was legitimate. They wouldn’t give me ANY information about their company and I found out through other complaints online and googling all the numbers they used. I asked for proof and they said only if I way they would texted me a link to digitally sign a payment agreement, there was no further info on it. I didn’t think my request was unreasonable able, but apparently it was, so instead, they’re going to "sue" me. I’m more than willing to pay a legitimate debt, I just wanted them to provide me proof it was legitimate and they were legitimate. She told me there were “no documents” to send me and that it is “passed the time frame” for a verification letter. They also harassed my parents in another state on their home and cellphone numbers. They also harassed my brother via his cell phone as well. She then proceeds to tell me that I “shouldn’t bother fighting” because they will “bring this to their arbitration judge and win” – well then, this “judge” needs to be reported to American Arbitration Association as well. She told me that the “statute of limitations starts when the debt comes to their collections”. Wrong, it starts on the last day payment on the account is made. Phone operators giving legal advice is also AGAINST THE LAW. I asked them for a mailing address so my attorney can send a verification request and they refused. They threatened that they would send documents to my job, take my belongings and if I didn’t pay I can be arrested and go to jail (for $279 debt that they want $1000 for). I contacted my attorney that said this was all BS and we are reporting this company.



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