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Ashleigh – Aug 14, 2020

Was told that I was able to buy a dog and it would be shipped this is a scam 5208967049 Don’t purchase anything Steve Johnson gentle Doberman home scam

Sergio – Jun 16, 2020

Scammer’s phone 5208967049

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I found an Eclectus Parrot on this website and was interested in getting it. Conacted them and they told me i have to pay thorugh Zelle and they will start the process for sending the parrot that day through an airline.

they told every detail of how parrots are shipped and how they will sen the cage and food with it too in that amount.

It was very foolish on my end that i believed it all! and requested to please keep it on hold for us as we are in the process of moving the house. and offered 50% deposit upon which they agreed.

I paid it through Zelle and he said the payment is processing and will update as soon as he gets it. so after that i asked for a phone number to video call them to see my bird and he was like i already gave you this number and he will let me know when he is home for a video call. then he vanished.

I emailed them saying this is our hard earned money and they should fear God. and he was like we have moral values too etc etc we just don’t have time for video call. and now when i told them to send me the bird and i will pay extra, they are like no money first! i read all the scam reports and they said that they will swear upon religion and tell you sob stories to steal your money and then vanish! now he is not replying. all the emails are available for proof

Anthony – Mar 31, 2020

I am currently disputing Johnson Bird Farms with my bank for $500. I wish I would have found this article before I fell into the scam. I fell in love with an African Grey named “Charly”. They provided pics, and promised they would send the DNA, health records, and provide shipping. They did not invoice me like a legitimate business, they wanted a transfer from Zelle. I should have stopped, but I proceeded like a [censored] and sent $500. Ugh I hate a thief.

Jay – Mar 03, 2020

Total money lost $940

Type of a scam Online Purchase

"Mr.Johnson" has a very elaborate website selling African Grey parrots, with many beautiful images and additional info about individual birds available for purchase. No address or contact phone number, just link to gmail address. His response to my inquiry was prompt and very informative. He told me that he was located in Lansing, Michigan and that he would ship the bird for additional $60 for same day delivery, door to door. The first red flag was that he was accepting only the payment methods that would not allow any real tracking. Initially he suggested paying through GooglePay to [email protected] When it could not be done, he suggested me to send the funds via MoneyGram to his wife who was on the business trip to Turkey (the name was SHIDDIN RAKHMANOV, located in Instabul, Turkey, postal code 10002"). After receiving the money he emailed me that he had arranged the shipment with a "professional delivery agency". The agency called Ems Worldwide e-mailed me the next day with e-mail titled: VERY VERY URGENT ANTI PRESSURE VACCINE NEEDED TO BE ADMINISTERED ON biLLY, where they asked me for additional $675. These guys I will report separately (look for for more info), When I refused, I almost immediately got an e-mail from "Mr Johnson" who was suddenly very concerned about the wellbeing of "Billy the parrot" and asked me to pay the "vaccine". I replied that I would like him to get the bird from the agency and I will send my friend who lives in Chicago to pick up the bird and compensate him for the possible losses, once he gives me his address and phone number. This is when the communication stopped, I have reported this case to CAFC (anti-fraud service with RCMP) and to the local police, but would like to expose these scammers to the public and prevent their further actions as much as I can So, PLEASE, spread the word about Johnson Bird Farm, Mr, Johnson, Shiddin Rakhmanov and [email protected] so that no other victims fall to their scam.


Phone: +1 (520) 896-7049

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