Johnny Freeman

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Evelyn –

Victim Location 78240

Total money lost $2,700

Type of a scam Employment

I got an email about work-at-home for a personal accounting, filled out the application, about 3-4 days later I got an email from the person I thought was the person I was suppose to be working for from home congratulating me on the position and that I would receive a check for 2700 and 2200 of it is for some books that I was suppose to receive to my address for him for some research that he was doing and the rest of the 2700 ($500)

Was for me to keep. It from emailing and texting to straight just texting.

Monica –

Victim Location 98126

Type of a scam Employment

My boyfriend’s coworkers got an ad for a part time personal assistant in a group chat. He sent it to me and said I should apply. It seemed sort of sketchy at first but I proceeded with caution. The guy said he needed a personal assistant manage his stuff when he is out of town since he travels a lot. He asked for name, address, email. I filled it out and submitted. I got an email saying he will be sending packages to my home. And then I got a text from him saying to check my email. Then I received another email that said I would be receiving a $2700 check in the mail and that I would have to deposit it, then send $500 to their company manager. Also he switched names. First he was Stefan’s Lucini then he became Johnny Freeman.



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