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Logan – Sep 06, 2020

Victim Location 95206

Total money lost $1,658

Type of a scam Credit Cards

On 9/5/2020, a transaction for the amount of $400.00 was coming from Karla Juarez but this was being canceled by cash app. It failed four times. Each time it failed it stated that it was being canceled through Cash App due to a security purpose. I then contacted Cash App to ask for help to find out why this transaction is not being excepted in my cash app account. I was routed to a customer service named John Williams. With his badge number email and his direct phone number. After he introduced himself. He then ask me to upload quick support app, after doing this he was able to maneuver and give me instructions on what to do from there. At first he was instructing me to do some test to see if Karla was able to receive $1.00 from me, which went through then he instructed me make a test transaction to his managers account , which was a cash app fund account . He told me to enter my ZIP Code which is 95206. However he just wanted the first three numbers on my zip code which is 952 to enter this On my cash app dollar sign. Next transaction was going to be 706.

At this moment was when I realized this was a scam. I felt unsafe and curious so I grabbed another device to check my Bank account. This was when John demanded for me to stop checking my account that he didn’t need my money and that this was going to interrupt the transaction and the reason I’m not able to receive the money from Karla Juarez that it won’t get resolved.

Now my heart is racing I was panicking and my instinct tells me to go to my bank and withdrew the rest of the money That was left. When I got to the bank to check my account this was my confirmation that this was all fraud that it was a scam. I felt my heart dropped to my stomach, I’m angry and scared at the same time. There was 2 transactions that was an authorized on my account that a customer service representative from cash app stole from me which was the total of $1658.00 . So I came back home and I tried calling them back several times also with emailing cash app on there site asking them for my refund. After I called over again I finally was transferred back to the customer service who stole my money. I spoke to John Williams. I demanding my money reversed back to my account because I didn’t not authorize him to take money from my Bank of America account. Then he said that he will not refund my money Instead he was demanding for me to link my Wells Fargo account to cash app. He wanted to see if I had money on my Wells Fargo account because this was the only way he would refund my money back. I refuse to link my Wells Fargo account. I told him you did not take my money from my Wells Fargo account. You took this money out of my bank of America account.

Then there was was another “customer service” at the background, he was also saying the same thing that they will not refund the money until, I link my Wells Fargo account to my cash app. At this point I was done talking to these customer service representatives. I insisted to talk to a manger but John Williams said he’s the manager and refused to refund my money back Into my Bank of America account because I hung up the phone on him.

He also mentioned that he does not care who I call even the president of the United States and tell about this problem Because there is no way that cash app will refund my money anyway.

This is when I told him I will be recording you because this is illegal and this is fraud. I told him again that I want my money back. He became silent and hung up the phone.

I tried calling back again and no one was answering the calls anymore. It was routing me to voicemails. Since then I have been calling and emailing cash app about this problem. till today September 6, 2020 at 7:00 pm there is still no response from cash app support finance center.

I have also contacted my phone company to have my phone reset and made a claim from my bank. I’m devastated and shock that anyone would do such thing to me as a single parent of 4 kids who is barely making both ends meet.

Please help me I’m anyway you can in order to get my refund back.

Should you h e any questions please contact me . 209-670-5093



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