John Watson

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Leslie –

Victim Location 75025

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted by John W. to provide tutoring services for his son on a website where I am registered as a tutor. He insisted on having subsequent conversations on his email address [email protected] I quoted my fee as $480 for 8 classes. He said he is out of town and he will have his attorney mail be a check slightly more than the tutoring fee to cover for the caregiver expenses who would be dropping off and picking up his son at a local library for the tutoring sessions. Few days later I received 2 checks – one from ProSight Specialty Management in the mount of $2280 and the other one from Wholesale Trading Services in the about of $1980. This was way more than my fee and John’s name was nowhere on the checks. This made me suspicious and wonder why these companies would send me such huge checks. So I insisted on having a telephonic conversation with John and he kept saying that he was too busy and would called me soon. He has not call me yet or shared his phone number yet. When I called out his scam, he got offended and asked me to destroy the checks. I have not deposited the checks yet and do not intend to deposit them into my bank account.

Jacqueline –

Victim Location 90003

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Rental

My husband and I were looking to move out and find a place of our own, we had contacted a few other places and no response. On the 29th of March we were contacted by a John Watson claiming to be the home owner of the property we were interested in, out of excitement because he was the first to respond out of the many request we sent to several places we told him we were interested and what would be the requirements to be able to move in and get the place ASAP. he responded and sent a rental application my husband and i filled it out and sent it back to him with our personal information. In the application we sent, our phone number and later that day he began contact through text. He told us to send first months rent and deposit to his wife’s bank account, Desiree C Rawlings. Once the deposit was made all contact stopped. We tried calling Mr. Watson from several numbers several times and once we began to speak he would hang up. I went to the bank to see if they had cashed the check and they had. I reported it to the police and both banks mine and his. i can email you any additional information and examples of what had happened

Cassandra –

Victim Location 60657

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial e-mail

"Would you take the offer to tutor my son Jon 13 year old on ____ Language If yes, I will like to know how much you would charge an hour twice a week ( 8 sessions for one month), Which area do you reside at the moment? When is the best time and days of the week you can do the tutoring according to your current schedule and how long have you been tutoring? I am not always available to write and respond much on here. Kindly send me a reply to my personal email Johnwatsoncole02 at so we can take it from there. John"

I thought that this is serious. Very professional in correspondence.

Next email:

"Its my pleasure to have my son under your tutelage so he will be coming for the lesson starting from December 9, The meeting place sounds perfect. Do reply with your mobile number so as to alert you on the delivery of the check to your address soon, as I was told that the check had been sent out to your address as i said to you that my attorney will send out the payment before traveling out for his vacation,Although the check is a bit more than your teaching cost, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Also Phil will be coming with every necessary matrial for the lesson so i will advise that the first session can be more introductory session where you get to [censored] him and the material so as draw a proper plan for the subsequent session ?

My attorney included my son and his caregiver traveling expenses back on the check to avoid delay in traveling plans and other preparation for the lesson. Once you have the funds, you are going to deduct the lesson fee,and you will assist me to send the left funds to the Caregiver who will be taking proper care of my son during his stay for his lesson. The left money that will be sent to my Caregiver, will be for my son feeding, travel expenses to your place and other commissions. Hope I can trust you with the balance?

I would have love to pay the caregiver myself but the caregiver is out of state and he will not be coming until it’s a day before my son arrive and as you can see my attorney has left the state this morning for vacation.I will be more than grateful if you can render this assistance and I won’t mind paying you extra $30 as compensation for your efforts.Do keep me posted as soon as the check arrive so that we can proceed from there."

The amount of funds was too big!!! Almost 2000. He told me via texted to go to Walmart and send the rest 1620 USD to some person Khristy Lane in Texas. I went and the lady at Walmart (thank God to her) warned me about fraud. I called my bank and hey said that the check still di not cleared even if I see available funds. I was shocked. I texted him back saying that I am not doing it and he is like "What are you talking about, it is not a scam". I freaked out. I felt shaking. I am glad I did not send the money. I digged online, his pattern looks the same. So, be aware!



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