John Salem

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Clinton –

Victim Location 32006

Total money lost $399

Type of a scam Employment

Recently I was called by a sales rep to enter into a work from home online business. Was charged a certain amount on credit card. They initially set up a web site for me, which the URL comes out of UK actually. They also set up an email address for me, in which you have no way of checking your balance of what or if anything has been sold and owed to you. Also then got a phone call from the Rep that initially set this up, saying that now this company Affiliate Partnership Builders has been disolved and that he could keep the website up but wants another amount of money to do so. True, I now cannot get onto their website to get to mine. But can get on a different way. There is no way that it will let you change your password unless it went through that email address that they set up and that I cannot get access to. Don’t know what can be done to get my website down as domain is registered under their URL. Can this just be deleted and someone else set up a new URL with my domain name? Something does not feel right with all this. I wanted you to know about this in case others are having this happen to them too.



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