John Rae Wilson

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Toni –

Victim Location 55330

Type of a scam Government Grant

Whomever this was, hacked a friends facebook account and almost had me believing it was her. They proceeded to tell me (via Instant Messaging) of this government grant that ‘she’ received for over $150,000. Well, stupid me did send an email to the person inquiring about such grant. It sounded too good to be true and then I started playing with the individual that I was going to go thru with it, but when they told me that I needed to send a Money Gram from my local WalMart to a guy named Kevin (cannot recall last name used, but when I googled it, it was some English guy) and to some town in Illinois, then I really went to town. I sent an email to the person asking them to call me at work (which wasn’t my work but local Sheriff’s Department). Then I received another Instant Message asking why I had not sent money yet. I then asked what my Mom’s nickname was to see what they would say. Well, whomever this was had done their homework and knew the answer. Then I asked what my Mom’s birth name was…then I got "why all the questions Shelbers?" I knew then and there it was a scam for sure as the person who was being impersonated was not the person who called me that. I blocked the IM account, blocked the facebook account and then sent all emails as a spam alert. I also blocked the phone number too that I was given.



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