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Type of a scam Online Purchase

I’m selling a used motorcycle on and received this email: Hello! I am interested in speaking with you. Please email me at – [email protected] – about your bike for sale. I am having a hard time with Craigslist and I have a few questions. Thanks! – John

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After providing my email address and phone number I received this response: Hello, I was reaching out to you about your bike for sale. Do you have a current motorcycle history report for it? If not, I suggest getting one at:

When I was selling my motorcycle I got one from there to show people that were interested. It was only $19 which is half the cost of Carfax($40 or more). It will show if there are any issues with it. The peace of mind it gives for such a large sale is a bonus too.

It will verify that it has not been in any bad accidents, that it has a clean title and that it has not been stolen. There are so many scams out there. People are more likely to look at it with a report provided.

Talk to you soon. Thanks!

I suspect they is no interest in buying the motorcycle and the purpose was to collect $19 on their website.



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