John Mullen Federal Grants

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Joshua –

Victim Location 44320

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by a friend on Facebook, she told me Of John Mullen Federal Grants and how she recieved money, I followed his instructions to moneygram 250$ and gave him the reference number they were supposed to delivery 30,000$ cash to me today. http://www.facebook/profile.php?id=100016239431843. They told me then the delivery was stopped around 1:30 Pm and I had to pay 1750$ tax to them for the IRS at their request to get the delivery. Of course I do not have it, nor would I, I pay tax on money after it is recieved. I moneygrammed to Tommy Nations Sandfork, W. Virginia 26543. I would not have done it had the friend not recommended it.



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