John Matthews

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Juan – Oct 02, 2020

From: John Matthews
Subject: passing.
Date: October 2, 2020 at 10:23:17 AM EDT
Reply-To: John Matthews

I hope all is well. I have lost a closest step-sister and she died of cancer yesterday. Funeral is tomorrow, i’m headed out of town. Please I will need a little favor from you. Let me know if you can help.

John Matthews

Ashleigh –

Victim Location 70503

Type of a scam Other

We had call number one from what seemed to be granddaughter calling because she was arrested. She did not want to give her name as she did not want family to know that she was arrested. This is a second call that claimed to be the attorney for granddaughter who was arrested for being drunk.

Brandy –

Victim Location 28806

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I have been contacted multiple times by multiple numbers and have not contacted any of the numbers back. I have looked online and numerous other people have had similar experiences. The phone calls always have an electronic message saying " This is John Matthews, we have sent you correspondence and attempted to contact you on a matter involving your name and social security number but have received no response from either you or your attorney regarding this matter. We have decided to reach out to you one last time to give you the opportunity to be compliant and give your statement of intent in our office regarding your pending case. Please be advised, if we do not hear back from you today we will no longer be able to assist you on a voluntary restitution. So, contact the office immediately at 877-240-4349. Good Day." I do not have any cases against me or an attorney so this has to be a scam and many others stated the same number contacted them and when they called the number back got rude responses and the "workers" would hang up when you asked for a supervisor.



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