John Matthew

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Tiffany –

Victim Location 83706

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Judith Recieved a call from John Matthew stating that her grandson has been in an accident and that he is OK but he has some minor injuries. He hit a pregnant woman that was 6 months along. She is OK but she has a broken wrist. John stated that her grandson admitted to texting and driving and that he is being held in Jail. John stated after that that her grandson did not want anyone else to know only his grandma so to not contact anyone else. He gave her a case number of F-0438. She asked where he was being held and he gave her the local address of 320 Main Street stating that this was the sherrifs office. The bail is 70,000 and they need to pay 10 percent of it which was 7,000 dollars. John told her to send it to Financial city of Banking agency. 1418 Taylor Bronze Ave, New York 10460. He said to take it to the UPS or FED ex store and put it in a yellow envolope and wrap it in newspaper. She went and pulled out the money drove to the local address listed but there was not a sherrifs office there. She called her daughter who verified that her son was at work.



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