John – purchase

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Carmen –

Victim Location 14218

Total money lost $1,020

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I had put an ad up on Let Go for two different sets of low profile rims for a vehicle and within seven minutes of applying the ad to the website of Let Go, I received a text message from 1-516-926-0411 stating that "John" and his wife were interested in both sets of rims and said to text him back if they were still available. I text back and said yes. "John" said that he was going to get a bank check and send it to me certified mail and that I should have it within the next few days. I received nothing in the next few days so I text "John" and asked if he was still interested and he text me back and told me yes and that he had made a mistake on my address so he asked me to clarify my address once again and then said sorry about the delay in the payment as the holiday interrupted the mailing of the check and that text message was from 1-208-715-6638. Then I received a text from 1-615-614-6357 stating of the tracking number for the "bank check" from the postal service. When I received the check, I put it in the bank, and I notified "John" to let him know I received the "check" okay and would let him know when it cleared. "John" said when the check clears, take the amount out of what I was asking for on the rims and then take the remaining balance and go to Walmart and send a Walmart to Walmart transfer to Smith Charles in Houston, Texas. The Walmart to Walmart to transfer was to be in the amount of $1,020.00 and the reference number of the transfer is ***. Then I found out that the "check" had insufficient funds and the whole amount of $1,780.00 was withdrawn from my account and I was left with nothing. I text "John" to find out what was going on with the check and he seemed to have know idea of what I was talking about. I later received a text message from "John" asking me how I was doing today and I said what do you mean how am I doing? I am out $1,020.00 because the check was taken out of my account. "John" had never text me back and this is the end. I also had $10.00 taken out of my account due to insufficient funds on "John’s" "check".



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