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Savannah –

Victim Location 77706

Total money lost $635

Type of a scam Tech Support

im writing this on behalf of this customer without her knowledge and all the info are correct

Im writing this on behalf of couple of thousand consumer who dont know about this company or dont know where to complain they are scamming US people from last 2 years and the amount is not less than 20 million Dollar in the name of computer tech support. this company is registered under the name of BENJAMIN ALVEY (handicapped  the address is home address . they scam lot of customers by remote session ask them to pay by check to avoid chargeback , they dont wire the money to India they have debit cards by which money can be withdrawn in India without any notice of US government. i dont know why nobody is stopping them . they have a bank account with regions bank and they also have several other bank account by which they can easily withdraw money in India . they manage to generate calls from google Adwords by the name of brand company like MCAFEE , AVG , MALWAREBYTE KASPERSKY etc. Couple of month ago they were using an AMAZON gateway but when they noticed that its a scam going on AMAZON ceased the gateway and freeze all the money. this process is going on from last couple of years the only reason why no one is noticing this company is because they accept check payment and the company is based on US which is a home address of Benjamin. google unable to notice all this activities because the mastermind is sitting in India but using the computer located in Georgia due to which he is getting a US IP address. they charge customer by the name of hacker or malicious virus in the computer and sell security and charge customer $200 to $1000 it depends customer to customer if you check their bank statement you can easily notice. sometime they purchase real antivirus for brand company like Mcafee which is a unlimited device software and install it to every customer to gain customer trust. its a not less than $20 million scam and only mastermind behind this is GORAV SINGH, Company’s address (A-82 GROUND FLOOR, SECTOR 4, NOIDA, INDIA) If you have to stop it you can the company address and the computer used in Benjamin’s home and the bank transaction and they have several bank account. the scammer address is H.No 247, Vijay Nagar, Dist- Firozabad(UP)-283203

website –


bank ac – Regions bank

note – check the transaction only withdrawn in INdia



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