John Broom

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Katie –

Victim Location 27604

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a Facebook message from an old acquaintance. I later found out it was hacked into and I thought it was my acquaintance telling me about her government grant she received for $200,000. “She” recommended I text Agent John Broom to apply for the grant. He approved me nearly right away, but not before I gave out way too much information: Name, address, email, marital status, DOB, occupation, mothers maiden name, own/rent, own a car?, any disability, and if I want cash or a check.

We only communicated in text messages. His lame website didn’t have any real information on it. He kept calling me Ma’am. He was reported on the scammers page by another guy. Although it is text you can tell he isn’t originally from the USA. Once I called him out on the scam, he denied it to the degree that he said “maybe that was even an angel that came in your friend appearance trying to show you the way to the federal government money grant”. This guy is a joke!



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