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Emmanuel –

Victim Location 76667

Type of a scam Online Purchase

As you can tell from other complains, this store is just plain to be considered as fraud. Not sure about their actual business model (unless I am not receiving my $2,499.00 refund for a Sony XBR-75X900E which I ordered;).

It started Nov. 17th on which day I received my first order confirmation of a Sony XBR75X940D ($1,771.84), my original planned purchase. Following up on tracking information a week later I was informed this older model is on back order, would take up to three month to deliver. But wait, there is an upgraded version ready to ship out today, listed above. I already knew then I was being taking for a ride but thanks to some protection from law and credit card I went ahead and bought into their little spiel. I also investigated further into this company and was aware about complaints posted on and other websites. Turns out, on average, 30% actually receive the product and are happy about their purchase in general. In my case considering the upgraded version c/w(ould) have been a whopping $600 compared to the next cheapest vendor.

Anyhow, I promised myself a new TV by Christmas and after receiving the second shipment delay call last Friday I just told them to make sure to stick this TV up their hind-sides and refund the money ASAP. Gave them a 24 hour window to do so, mentioning my lawyer, review on etc and did received an order cancellation email shortly after. Just to make sure, I placed a dispute with my CC company and now on the pursuit to make sure others are informed about this outfit before deciding on a purchase. BTW: "Don’t wait on their 1-800 number when you can call 908-290-0081;)" Need to contact their shipping company: 732-582-9130 gets you another bull[censored]ter on the phone.

Hopefully my little review gets you a better understanding on who you are dealing with and if it would not be about a promise to myself to have this TV before the holidays I would have waited out and see what happens. As a matter of fact, for the giggles I am going to place another order early next year without my personal time restrain and see what happens. Might up with a good deal after all;)



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