Joe White

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Victoria – May 02, 2020

Victim Location 48223

Total money lost $3,800

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I was doing yard work when an SUV stopped by and mentioned they had leftover material and could patch up my porch. They told me it was $1.89 per pound. I asked how long it would take and they said about 2 hours. I asked how many pounds would it take for my porch and the total. They told me not to worry about that. I said, sure that seems fine. After about 20 mins, they kept trying to add to the initial job. I stopped them and said I didn’t have the money to do so. That is when they calculated the amount that I owed and it was $3,800. They said I miss heard them and that it wasn’t $1.89/pound, it was $189/pound. I told them I have no way of paying that and I didn’t have that kind of cash on me. They then pressured me to drive to an ATM (which they followed me to) to get as much money out as I could. I gave them $1000 and told them I couldn’t get anymore money. They then threatened me and asked for my phone number and told me I better have the rest in the morning. I took out the remaining $2800 from my bank. Gave it to them in the morning and they did "touch up work" on the porch and took off. The whole time they were having kids (for sure under 18) do all the work, maybe only 45 mins worth of actual work on the porch. They would not give me a name of their company and they said their boss’ name was John. They also could not tell me exactly what they were using cause I would not be able to look up online anyways. They said I was getting a deal cause they sell it for $289/pound but no proof. I felt intimidated and didn’t know what to do, so I caved in and paid to get them away. All I know is he said his name was Joe White, phone number 734-536-1984. He said his work was guaranteed for 15 years. Him and his "team" drove a Nissan Pathfinder Platinum SUV 4 door. Tennessee License Plate # 3p5 4u1. I feel like a complete [censored] but I do not want them to get anyone else. I will just eat the money I guess and take it as an expensive learning experience. I do want this to go down on record and have everyone know how terrible of a job they did, they used underaged children to do their work and they are not licensed in Michigan, as far as I can see.



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