Joe smith, Sam Jones

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Roy –

Victim Location 44017

Type of a scam Credit Cards

We will get an email from a common name and email address. They say they are deaf and are inquiring if we provide pet care services. They go into extreme detail after first response. We first responded to them and said yes and listed all things we offer. They then go into extreme detail and their personal life story that gets more and more intense. They do not drive, they are in the hospital awaiting a major surgery and can not have anyone call the business for them. They have to have credit card terminal information so they can try to pay for their driver, so they can try to pay for things before hand. They send a generic picture of 2 dogs that you can google and paste to anything. They become demanding and inpatient with pending surgery and how the dr does not want them using phones or computers, on and on and on. We did file complaints w/ inernet fraud company



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