joe mighty

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Vanessa –

Victim Location 85323

Type of a scam Employment

I responded to a on line employment ad for a care giver. The ad was for a care giver needed in my area. My inquiry was answered by someone who said his name was Joe Mighty. He said he was a very busy business man and needed someone to care for his sister who was 63 divorced diabetic and needed someone three days a week to check on her provide meals, personal care doctors visits and lite housekeeping. for this service I would be paid 360. a week by means of a certified check. I agreed to his terms and waited to hear when I would be starting this job and where his sister was living. After that first contact he asked for my address so he could send me my pay and asked if I could pick up medical equipment for his sister if he sent the money. I felt that was ok at the time so I agreed. But then he kept calling me wanting me to agree to deposit a check he was sending me in my account and I was to then pay other people for other services like realtors for services. I questioned him as to why he didn’t just take care of that himself. And he always has some excuse. I started seeing red flags. The check did come today haven’t done anything with it except report it to law inforcemnet and this scam. Also every time he would text me my return text would be blocked.



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