Joe from Healthcare Services

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Mindy –

Victim Location 53936

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

at 2:30 pm Friday February 10, 2017 I was driving to work and I answered my Bluetooth on my car and answered and the caller said this is Joe from Healthcare Services. I had been on phone 2 -3 times today about my new insurance and pharmacy refills so I answered a unknown call plus I was busy talking to hubby and driving so I did not look at number carefully so I answered and heard it and then he asked can you hear me well and I said a partial Yaah and cut myself off. I immediately knew I had just got caught in the scam I had just read about in last week" s Adams-Friendship times Reporter newspaper. the number that came up in my log was 502-327-6041. I called it back and it said number was disconnected.,. when I got finished work I looked at my phone ad I had this weird number in my phone. It is

+ 60 84-242 646. It is exactly as typed in my call log on my cell phone. I was immediately busy when I got into work with 160 middle school kids at the dance so I did not do anything about it until later tonight with this email. I will be calling my US Cellular tomorrow when they open and checking my credit cards etc Dang oh dang they are so good even when I was informed. How easily you can get caught. I am hoping I did not cause any serious problems to myself. I also reported it to our Adams county Sheriff as I saw him at school at the bb game after dance. He suggested I check the newspaper article and report to etc.



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