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I’m sorry for my late response, i was attending a conference, i’m deeply sorry. Thank you so much for your response to my message. I would have love to call you about this, but my work shedule will not permit me at the moment, so i chose to write, but I’ll try to be detailed enough in this message. My name is Joe Brad, I’m 38 years old and my fiancee name is Ashley Wayne, she is 33 years old, we are Canadian.

I and my fiancee are going to get married December 18th 2017, we have been dating for almost 5 years now, we think it’s the righ time to get married, we have no doubt we are good together and we want to start family and spend the rest of our lifes together. It’s important to us to do Premarital Counseling, this is highly important to us for better understanding about our selfs and to know what is expected of each one of us. Our 5 years relationship have been perfect, we have no complain about one another, but I believe that couples that receive pre-marital counseling are less likely to divorce. This is why we need your service. We had 5 weeks vacation planned to California, this will give us a great opprtunity to attend counseling, we prefer to have our counselling while on vacation in California because we have no time to spare for counseling here in Canada because of our work schedule, but our 5 weeks vacation will give us the opportunity, so this is the only apportunity we’ve got to attend our Premarital Counseling.

We are going to be in California from 29th of October to 30th of November 2017, we want 10 counseling sessions within 5 weeks of our stay. We can have the sessions twice a week if it is convenient for you, for the period of 5 weeks and any time of the day or night is perfectly okay with us, as our schedule will be flexible once we arrive on the 29th of October. Please calculate the cost and let me know the total amount and also I want you to please setup the schedule that works best for you.

We would suggest the following schedule:

Week-1: 2 sessions (Please select the day and time you like)

Week-2: 2 sessions (Please select the day and time you like)

Week-3: 2 sessions (Please select the day and time you like)

Week-4: 2 sessions (Please select the day and time you like)

Week-5: 2 sessions (Please select the day and time you like)

Again, I want you to understand that our time/programs will be flexible during our stay over there, so you can fit the sessions into schedules that will be convenient for you, either Morning, Afternoon or Evening sessions will be fine by us. Our hotel will be close to your location, so coming for our sessions will not be a problem. Please respond to this message with the total cost of 10 counselling sessions.

Waiting for your response.

Thank you so much.



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