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Teresa –

Victim Location 14420

Type of a scam Scholarship

when i was filling out an application for Walmart i was sent to a site called

After filling out the applicable information on this particular web page, including my phone number, i started receiving 20 plus phone calls a day on my business cell phone and these callers were asking me if i was interested in continuing my education. i said absolutely not and please stop calling me. again, they repeated to call me. i then let them know that they breaking government law by soliciting me on my business cell phone. then, another number starting not only me but also my partners business cell phone.

the website mentioned above is using a BBB false icon to represent their page. one of the 3 phone numbers that are harassing us is: 478-965-458. i went back to the web page and found their "opt out" link and a windows wizard icon along with set up instructions for my computer appeared on my computer screen. i went no further with their "opt out" link as that was a virus trying to hack my computer software.



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